It has just been announced that Instagram has made a couple of new updates to its live-streaming feature, which will make it easier to go live using third-party tools via desktop PCs.

As per Instagram:

“Now, if you’re a professional account, you can go live on Instagram using streaming software like OBS or Streamlabs through a stream key. We hope this helps broadcasters take their content to the next level and connect with their audiences.”


There is a possibility that more creators will start streaming in the app as a result of the simplified connection process, making it simpler to stream high-quality broadcasts in the app.

As of now, creators of the desktop version of the app will be able to obtain a stream key through the “Create” menu located within the app.

It is also possible to have a preview of how your live stream will look right from the composer, so you will be able to see exactly what your video will look like once you launch it.

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“Once you’ve set up your stream to look how you want, start it on your streaming software. Within the Live Producer viewer on, you’ll see a preview of what your stream will look like on Instagram Live.”

You can then select “Go Live” and broadcast in the app.

The update is a good one, and as noted, it could encourage more creators to stream on the app as a result. In addition, since live streams drive strong engagement, that may be worth considering in your 2024 planning, with this new connection process providing additional considerations for all creators as well.

This new update provides creators with a smoother and more efficient streaming process, which could potentially lead to more viewers and more engagement. Furthermore, it gives creators more control over their content, allowing them to customize their stream to best suit their audience. This could lead to more creators streaming on the app, leading to increased engagement and revenue.