Ever wondered to yourself, “Is Pinterest social media?” Well, you’re not alone. Pinterest, with its unique combination of creative inspiration and delightful discovery, often leaves people pondering about its true classification. So, let’s dive in and solve this conundrum together, shall we? 

“Pinterest is a web and mobile application company that offers a visual discovery, collection, sharing, and storage tool.”


Pinterest, at its core, invites users to discover new ideas, save their favorites, and share their discoveries with others. This vast, ever-evolving digital bulletin board where people ‘pin’ their interests is about much more than simple socialization. Nonetheless, its social aspects cannot be entirely overlooked. This article will address the question head-on, exploring why Pinterest indeed counts as social media, but with a few extras to boot.

Understanding the Essence of Pinterest

Pinterest, at its core, is a social media platform that allows users to discover, collect, and share visual content they find inspiring, helpful, or entertaining. It operates on a unique model that is more akin to a visual search engine, where users can explore ideas and topics through images, GIFs, and videos.

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Users create ‘boards‘ where they ‘pin‘ their favorite content. These boards can be organized by theme, interest, or any other category the user chooses. This feature allows users to curate and organize content in a way that’s meaningful to them, making Pinterest a highly personalized platform.

Pinterest is a social media platform that was launched in March 2010.


Unlike other social media platforms where the focus is on sharing personal updates or connecting with friends, Pinterest is more about discovering new ideas and finding inspiration. It’s a platform where users can plan their lives, from everyday recipes to home decor ideas, fashion trends, and more.

Another unique aspect of Pinterest is its longevity. Unlike posts on other social media platforms, which can quickly get buried in the feed, pins on Pinterest have a long lifespan. This is because users often search for specific topics, which can bring up pins from months or even years ago.

Moreover, Pinterest is a powerful tool for businesses. With its product-rich pins and shopping features, it’s an effective platform for driving online sales. Businesses can use Pinterest to showcase their products in a visually appealing way, reach new audiences, and drive traffic to their website.

Finally, Pinterest’s emphasis on visuals and discovery makes it a powerful platform for influencers and content creators. By creating high-quality, engaging pins, they can build a following, increase their visibility, and establish themselves as thought leaders in their niche.

Unique Features That Set Pinterest Apart

Pinterest is unique in its visual discovery engine feature. This allows users to search for ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration, and more. Users can find new ideas and inspiration based on their personal interests and hobbies, which they can then save to their boards for future reference.

Pinterest has over 478 million active users worldwide as of Q1 2021.

Another unique feature of Pinterest is the ‘Pin’ system. Unlike other social media platforms where content is primarily shared through posts or stories, Pinterest allows users to ‘Pin’ images or videos from around the web onto their boards. These Pins can then be organized, categorized, and shared with others.

All About Shop the Look Feature

Additionally, Pinterest’s ‘Shop the Look‘ feature sets it apart from other platforms. This feature allows users to find and buy products directly from Pins. When a user clicks on a Pin with a shopping tag, they are shown similar products that they can purchase right from Pinterest.

Furthermore, Pinterest’s algorithm is designed to provide personalized content recommendations. The platform learns from users’ behavior and the Pins they interact with, to suggest new Pins and boards that align with their interests. This makes the user experience highly tailored and engaging.

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Pinterest’s ‘Tried It’ feature is another unique aspect. This allows users to mark Pins they have tried and leave feedback. It’s a way for users to interact with the content they find and share their experiences with the Pinterest community.

Pin It to Win It: The Purpose of Pinterest

While Pinterest is often categorized as a social media platform, it serves a broader purpose. Unlike traditional social media platforms where the focus is on sharing personal updates and interacting with others, Pinterest is more about personal discovery and inspiration. Users primarily use it to discover content related to their interests, and then save or ‘pin’ that content for future reference.

In addition to personal use, Pinterest is also a powerful platform for businesses. It provides businesses with a unique opportunity to showcase their products and services in a visually appealing way, and to reach a highly engaged audience. Businesses can use Pinterest to drive traffic to their websites, increase brand awareness, and even boost sales.

Over 60% of Pinterest users are women.

Moreover, Pinterest’s unique algorithm makes it a powerful search engine. When users pin an image or video, Pinterest’s algorithm uses that data to show them more content that they might like. This makes Pinterest a valuable tool for targeted advertising and marketing.

Finally, Pinterest also has a social aspect. Users can follow other users or boards that share their interests, comment on pins, and even share pins with others. However, this social interaction is typically secondary to the main purpose of discovering and saving content.

In conclusion, while Pinterest has elements of a social media platform, its primary purpose is as a visual discovery engine. It’s a platform for finding inspiration, discovering new ideas, and planning future projects or purchases. Whether for personal use or business marketing, Pinterest offers unique benefits that set it apart from traditional social media platforms.