According to a recent report, Facebook and Instagram Reels drive more views than TikTok clips.

In case you’re planning to revamp your content strategy for 2024, you want to think about using additional Reels video clips in your compilation.

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That’s the takeaway from Emplifi’s most recent video performance research. To get a further understanding of what works, what resonates with viewers, and what businesses are now publishing, the company analyzed thousands of postings on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. And Reels wins out all around.

First off, Emplifi discovered that Instagram Reels significantly increased view count, with longer Reels videos doing better, based on a study of over 1,300 brand sister accounts on Instagram and TikTok.

These are broad figures, so your target group may differ, and this is primarily for brand material, so that might have a role. However, it’s intriguing to see how Reel clips—longer Reels in particular—perform.

Reels are significantly surpassing ordinary video postings on Facebook, according to statistics from Emplifi.
“Compared to other video content on the platform, Facebook Reels had more than three times the number of median views.”

That’s in line with Meta’s larger focus on Reels clips, which have been a major source of interaction for all of its products.
This may contribute to your content strategy and increase reach and engagement through Meta’s applications.

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Once more, specific outcomes may differ depending on the audience. Still, it is important to note that Reels are quite popular, either as a consequence of user preference or the algorithms on each platform.

Lastly, Emplifi points out that even with Reels’ growing appeal, marketers continue to upload far more Stories on Instagram.
That should be taken into account when planning.

Stories used to be Instagram’s main focus and a major engagement booster. However, Reels currently has that position, and it appears that many brand tactics have not yet caught up.

It actually depends on your audience, not on general insights, whether or not these findings influence your planning. However, the information provided here may act as a reminder to reevaluate your content strategy and take into account alternative, more modern formats.

This, in this instance, is particularly related to Reels and is promoting wide reach throughout Meta’s apps.

The complete report from Emplifi is available here.